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Splegg is a game added to the TheHive in 2013. The objective of the game is that you shoot eggs out of your iron or diamond shovel to break blocks which other players are standing on, and make them fall off all the layers of the map.

When you spawn into the arena you have 10 seconds to find your ultimate beginning point! After these 10 seconds you'll be given a special gun... the Splegg gun. This gun shoots high powered, high popping, super speedy eggs. These eggs do no damage to players... but they destroy the arena!

Use your Splegg gun to tactically remove the Arena around you... but be careful not to fall into the void. Falling into the void eliminates you! It's your quest to remove the blocks in the path of other players and be the last man standing.

Parkour skill can really help you in this fast paced game. Use your skill to eliminate other players and gain tokens to purchase upgrades and other cool stuff... like disco sheep. Yes. Disco sheep.

How To Play

Splegg is a simple game, but it is very fast-paced. It involves lots of parkour skill so if you are not good at that we wouldn't recommend this game to you.

Right click a sign to join a Splegg lobby, then vote for any of the 6 maps that are there. After the timer goes to zero, you will be teleported to the map with the most votes. When the second timer reaches zero, people will shoot Splegg guns at each other, so be cautious. Use your Splegg gun to shoot people off of the top platform and they will fall to the next layer of the map. Most maps have 3 layers, so it's ok if you fall. When you reach the bottom layer, it is most important to avoid very skilled people, as they can knock you down easy. Only shoot people down if they are standing still or busy shooting someone else. If you fall down on the final layer, you will fall into water and be eliminated. Knock the last person down into the water, and you win!


Current Maps

Name Image
Atomar Splegg1.png
Autumn Leaves
AutumnLeaves Splegg3.png
Balance Splegg8.png
Bloom Splegg1.png
Burst Splegg1.png
Busy Bees
BusyBees Splegg8.jpg
Catch 'em All!
CatchEmAll Splegg2.jpg
Cell Splegg1.jpg
Chocolate Splegg5.png
(formerly Gold)
Golf Splegg1.jpg
Inferno Splegg1.png
Making It Up
MakingItUp Splegg1.jpg
Mistic Splegg2.jpg
Nebula Splegg1.png
Not Mushroom Here
NotMushroomHere Splegg1.jpg
Oversplegg Splegg1jpg.jpg
Palette Splegg1.png
Petal Power
PetalPower Splegg.png
PinkMe Splegg1.png
Pokemon Splegg.png
Ring Ring
RingRing Splegg1.png
Saturn Splegg.jpg
SpaceSwirl Splegg1.jpg
Splatter Splegg2.jpg
Starmie Splegg1.png
Storm Splegg1.jpg
Sunny Side Up
SunnySideUp Splegg1.jpg
Time Travel
TimeTravel Splegg1.png
Tree Fiddy
TreeFiddy Splegg1.png
Tree Island
TreeIsland Splegg1.jpg

Retired Maps

Name Image
UFO Splegg2.png
Aura Splegg1.jpg
Biomes Splegg.png
ColourBomb Splegg.png
Repercussions Splegg1.jpg
Tropical Snowlands
TropicalSnowlands Splegg1.jpg
Wrath Splegg1.png


Ranks are given as you earn points in Splegg. A certain amount of points will rank you up.

  • Farmer (0 points to 4999 points)
  • Cook (5000 points to 9,999 points)
  • Chef (10,000 to 100,000 points)
  • Master (100,000 points to 249,999 points)
  • Humpty Dumpty (250,000 points to 499,999 points)
  • Ramsay (500,000 to 999,999 points)
  • Hot'n'Spicy (1,000,000 to 1,200,000 points)
  • Splegg Head (1,200,001 to 1,499,999 points)
  • Bacon (1,500,000 to 1,999,999 points)
  • Sunnyside (2,000,000 to 3,999,999 points)
  • Easter Bunny (4,000,000+)
  • The Eggspert (Number #1 on Leaderboards)