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DeathRun 1.5 Update is here!

Check out the latest update for DeathRun

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Where did the map timeline go?!

Find out why the map timeline is no longer being used

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Easter on The Hive!

Take part in this year's Easter festivities on the server

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Hive Games (Bedrock) News

A new website for Hive Bedrock Edition!

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The History of The Hive

What 'The Hive' actually is, is a server map you can join with only registering ONE IP! Here you will be in a place where you can link to the servers from The Herobrine, Trouble in Mineville as well as some others games that we are keeping under our top hats until we launch.
— b0xx3r, February 2013.

The Hive, also known as the HiveMC, was founded in February of 2013. It was the creation of the servers The Herobrine and Trouble in Mineville both joining together. It originally launched with the games The Herobrine, Survival Games and Trouble in Mineville, with Clankstar and JollyajaX doing all the coding work.

At 5pm ET on April 15, 2021, the Java edition of the server shutdown after 8 years. Within hours, the forums and Discord server channels were shutdown. Currently, the website and API will, "remain partially online for up to a year". The Bedrock edition of the server continues on the history of The Hive.

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