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Block Party is a game that was added to HiveMC in 2014. The objective of the game is when a color is announced, you have to find it and stand on it before all of the other colors disappear.

What is Block Party?

Block Party is a game that combines our unique Jukebox sound technology with the wonderful game of Minecraft. Dance your way to the selected color or you'll be... ELIMINATED!

Block Party is a game dedicated to getting your booty shaking and your feet tapping! Brought to you in collaboration with DCDJ of Dans-Arcade and ElementAnimation, this is a game for the true music lovers!

When you join a Block Party lobby, you get to choose a song from our large library of Royalty Free music. We've worked with some amazingly talented artists to bring you the best music. You can also choose to play in Hardcore mode or not, personalise yourself with boots, death sounds, join messages and trails and decide to see or not the other players with 3 modes: visible, transparent or invisible.

When the game starts, you'll be teleported into the Block Party arena. Your goal is simple... to be the last dancer standing. Every few seconds, a color is chosen and announced to the dancers. After a set period of time, the other colors disappear - causing you to fall to your death.. unless you're on the right color.

As the rounds progress, the time between a color being chosen and the floor disappearing gets shorter and shorter. Concentration or a natural born dancing skill will be a huge benefit to you!

Remember to keep an eye out for Power-ups! Power-ups are jukeboxes that spawn randomly. When you punch them you'll be given a random item that can give you some amazing abilities but there are also some traps so be careful! Be sure to go explore those for yourself.

Once the game is done, every player still in game (players and spectators) are teleported to a podium were the top 3 of the game is shown (if multiple peoples win, people are placed on the podium randomly).

Hardcore Mode

The hardcore mode is a mode harder than the normal mode. It's activated by typing /h, /hc, /hardcore or by clicking on its dye in Your Settings when you're waiting for the game to start.

The changes are:

You don't have the block in your inventory anymore

You don't have the message telling the color in the BossBar (on the top of your screen)

You don't see the other players when seeking for the good place to stand on

You can't use the power-ups

The lone color message remaining on top of your Hotbar has missmatched colors, so don't pay attention to the message's color like in normal mode, read it

You also wear red boots to let the others know that you're in hardcore mode, you actually can remove them like normal boots

When playing in this mode you gain the classic points and hardcore pointswhich are counted separately, same thing for the wins.


Ranks that are in Block Party are:

First Step: (0 points to 99 points)

Party Animal: (100 points to 499 points)

Ballerina: (500 points to 999 points)

Raver: (1,000 points to 2,499 points)

Freestyler: (2,500 points to 4,999 points)

Breakdancer: (5,000 points to 9,999 points)

Star: (10,000 points to 19,999 points)

MC Hammer: (20,000 to 34,999 points)

Carlton: (35,000 points to 49,999 points)

Destroyer: (50,000 to 74,999 points)

Famous: (75,000 to 99,999 points)

Dominator: (100,000 points to 149,999 points)

Fabulous: (150,000 points to 199,999 points)

King of Dance: (200,000 points to 299,999 points)

Choreographer: (300,000 points to 399,999 points)

Happy Feet: (400,000 points to 499,999 points)

Jackson: (500,000 points to 624,999 points)

Astaire: (625,000 points to 749,999 points)

Swayze: (750,000 points to 999,999 points)

Legendary: (1,000,000+)

Billy Elliot: #1 on the Leaderboard